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 born from clinical
and scientific research

What is
Somatic Competence® Yoga

  • The first trauma-informed approach in Italy, based on the cutting-edge theoretical and clinical model of Somatic Competence®

  • The re-reading of the ancestral bases of yoga in a useful key to face the whirlwind of contemporary life

  • An approach that comes from the clinical and scientific research carried out in 25+ years of experience of the Istituto di Psicosomatica Integrata (Institute of Integrated Psychosomatics)

  • A yoga practice that aims to stimulate in the practitioner an exploratory attitude of body re-claiming

Why a trauma-informed approach?

Along with our body, we bring on the mat the scars left by traumatic life experiences.

A "trauma-informed" approach draws attention on the mechanisms underlying traumatic memories.  It aims to guarantee the construction of new memories, alternative to trauma, within a safe space of self-expression.


Somatic Competence® Yoga is an integrated approach that takes into account the delicate body-mind relation in its complexity.

Yoga for the digital era

In the typical acceleration of the digital age, our body remains constantly hyperactive, at the mercy of the flow of events, and the possibility to be present to ourselves is very often lost.

On a somatic level, the body registers what happens and memorizes it in forms of motor patterns, muscular and visceral tensions, and biochemical signals, in a continuous effort to maintain ourselves in balance. Changes in the circadian rhythm, appetite, high levels of anxiety and so-called "psychosomatic" symptoms are some examples of the effects of this acceleration.

More and more people look for bodily activities to cope with everyday stresses, in search of a sense of well-being and presence. Among these, yoga is the one that has had the fastest spread in the last decade.

Research studies show that, in addition to beneficial effects on health, yoga brings a sense of connection, ownership and control of one's body.

Somatic Competence® Yoga is the first trauma-informed approach in Italy, designed specifically for today’s life. It contemplates not only the attention to body states and their regulation, but also a progressive learning of tools to cope with crises. We believe in the necessity to create somatic memories alternative to trauma.

for yoga teachers

Our trainings are available in English for yoga teachers and yoga studios around the world.

Contact us at for more information about our approach, our classes or our advanced trainings for yoga teachers taught in English

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